104_Viktoriia Kartashova, Innocence, canvas, wood, 62x110 cm, 2020
Viktoriia Kartashova Artist

.Credo of the artist:

 I see the world positive, free and kind. Creativity and painting have always been the sense of my life and hobby, but quietly grown into the main type of my activity.

I make things better


Viktoriia Kartashova is Ukrainian artist working in the Contemporary style, close to Pop Art and specialized on portrait. Self-taught.  Viktoriia is a art teacher at Salvador Dali Art Academy of Contemporary art in Kyiv, Ukraine. The most popular series of portraits: «No more…», “World through the eyes”, “Fashion Eyes”.  Last year 3 paintings were chosen for the Brussels International Exhibition «International Contemporary Art Fair Bruxelles» in November 2021.

Solo exhibitions:

2020 Solo exhibition «World through eyes» at Ukrainian Culture Fund named by B. Oliynyk at Countess Uvarova’s Estate, str. Lypska 16, Kyiv, Ukraine,

It was presented the series of paintings «World through eyes».

2019 Solo exhibition «Be Freedom» at  Salvador Dali Art Academy of Contemporary Art, str. Berezhanskaya 5, Kyiv, Ukraine.

it was presented the series of paintings «Fashion eyes».



Collection 2021 — Series of portrait «No more…»

The series of paintings «No More …» is my study of the psychological portrait of a person.

Sometimes you need to look inside of you. See that you under pressure.
Stress and negative emotions control your life. Or maybe you’re in a toxic relationship and take a cigarette every half an hour?

You need to find yourself. Look at your life from another corner. So let’s do it with art.

A series of paintings «No More …» about what can happen with us in difficult moments of life. You do not need to suffer. Take care of your mental health and treat yourself with respect.

This is an opportunity to say «no more» to hurt, toxic relations,  abuse, lies and fears.


Acrylic on canvas, author’s technique, 100% hand painted artworks, pallet knife works, originals.




Collection 2020 — series «3D. World through eyes»

 Eyes are a “mirror of the soul”, through them I try to look inside the characters, show the real emotions of a person. The paintings are done using palette knife, impasto strokes with a modern bright and fluorescent acrylic, clean colors. If you closely to see it seems like an abstraction, in spite of the carefully painted eyes. This series is my experiment, I want to show the multi-layers and 3D effect of epoxy resign technic.


Painting is done on canvas on wood, palette knife, acrylic, epoxy resin, 2020.


Contemporary, new modern, pop art, spontaneous realism

Collection 2019 — series «Fashion eyes»

Viktoriia Kartashova looks to capture the character and inside emotions that people try to hind from the other.  The artworks are bright, contrast and modern. 


Acrylic on canvas, 100% hand painted artworks, pallet knife works, originals. Artworks made to use 100% high quality acrylic art paints.


Contemporary, new modern, pop art, spontaneous realism


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